Some artists just need a 'top up' - maybe you are preparing for a musical, play, competition, or special performance, or more importantly, you are auditioning for a big part, and you just need to gain some pointers. OR.... maybe you are preparing to record a hit album, and need some guidance on acquiring the right key, tempo and vibe, for your record. Even if you decide to record with in a different recording studio, getting those vocals right is very important, and we are more than qualified to help with that.


What is synonymous with all successful individuals is preparation! Preparation is the key to mitigating fear and anxiety related triggers. Think about it: if you are afraid of the dark, you shine a light; after turning the light on, and giving yourself a clear view of what is around you, that fear of what could have been there is mitigated.


Although, most people would tend to say, they actually do prepare; and I would go out on a limb, and agree; however, if you prepare incorrectly, that time spent becomes quite redundant. EMS will help you to prepare correctly, and give you the edge over the competition, by directing you to key areas that may be pertinent to ensuring your success.


We offer a 4 session top up package.

Call for details. (613) 530-7565



Preparing for an album is a crucial endeavor. We always tend to go a little easy on ourselves in key selection, expression, mood and articulation. These items go an extremely long way, toward the engagement of your audience, and selling records; we understand this, and are ready and willing to use our expertise too keep you on track.


We will listen to you perform the song(s) and give you reasonable feedback, to maximize the potential of your very valuable project.


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We function as both a music school and professional recording studio, focusing primarily on artist development and management; working to expose creative individuals to the music industry, and prepare them to take on a professional role, through unconventional yet effective approaches.

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