At EMS, we do things a bit differently: We endeavour to create an atmosphere that points towards enabling and empowering each artist to be able to pursue a career in music, should they so desire.



Elevation Music Studio is an audio recording establishment that offers music and artist development for both beginners and professionals, in a fun and safe environment.


Names/Titles are very important, as it relates to perception.

We refer to students as: artists;

We refer to lesson times, as: sessions;

We refer to lessons as: artist development





Although it's not our job to be suggestive, in the career path that our artists take, I think this should be said:


The music industry is no less lucrative than becoming a doctor, engineer, accountant or any other mainstream career/position; actually, if we are being honest, it is one of the only industries, that with minimal education, you can go to sleep one night, a middle class earner, and wake up the next morning a millionaire!! Nothing to scoff at, for sure. Although this is not the norm, it is way more probable that any other industry outside of entertainment.


Really, in everything, it's what you put in that takes you on the journey of success. The false notion, that there is no money in the music industry, is just that, false!! What I will add though, is that, it's no walk in the park: It's the Music_BUSINESS - roughly 2% talent - anf the rest, is understanding how the business side of it works - treating it like a career, and not a hobby, is also important - investing into your career is very important as well. If you are a singer, you should own at least one microphone, before owning a Apple Phone, or any other mainstream devices! (Microphone Suggestion: you wont go wrong with a SM 58 Shure beta)



Our Junior Artist Sessions allow new artists to experience recording audio in a professional environment, while building themselves a personal portfolio. This portfolio provides a way for the artists as well as their parents/guardians to track their progression and investment.


Although we specialize in Pop/NeoSoul/R&B type music, we also are extremely competent in styles of: Country, Rock, Alternative, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, World Beat, Gospel, Christian Contemporary; as it pertains to genre -


And as it pertain to music development, we offer: Voice, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Audio Recording & Production,


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(While consultations are free, if requested, there is a holding fee of $40.00, to book an in person consult - simply to validate the booking, and to safeguard the invested time. Should you decide to move forward, the consultation fee will be added to the balance of the monthly fee; in the event that you should decide, this is not for you, the full reg. fee will be refunded, by the same means by which it was paid to us. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you void the ability to be refunded.)









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We function as both a music school and professional recording studio, focusing primarily on artist development and management; working to expose creative individuals to the music industry, and prepare them to take on a professional role, through unconventional yet effective approaches.

Elevation Music Studio

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