As a part of their development, Junior Artists are given the opportunity to perform in a safe environment, through live events created by Elevation Music Studio. We also create public events, for more advanced artists, to perform in a professional environment, and to create a revenue stream, for involved artists.


These events are not mandatory; however, artists are strongly encouraged to participate, as a part of their overall development. The public events allow artists to generate income as well, by marketing the events, generating ticket sales, just like a 'real gig,' as they continue to build their web-presence and  fan-base.



Some artists just need a 'top up' - maybe you are preparing for a musical, play or special performance, or more importantly, you are auditioning for a big part, and you just need to gain some pointers. OR.... maybe you are preparing to record a hit album, and need some guidance on acquiring the right key, tempo, vocal-arrangement and/or vibe, for your record. Even if you decide to record with in a different recording studio, getting those vocals right is very important, and we are more than qualified to help with that.


We offer a 4 session top up package.

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Preparing for an album is a crucial endeavor. Studio time, in a credible studio, is $100.00+ per hour; you want to maximize your time. We always tend to go a little easy on ourselves in key selection, expression, mood and articulation. These items go an extremely long way, toward the engagement of your audience, and selling records; we understand this, and are ready and willing to use our expertise too keep you on track.


Now, of course, we would prefer to work on your entire project, but we are not selfish, or naive - some people have crested a bit of loyalty to certain producers, and it is not our goal to try and steal them away; however, we really want to be there to help artists to create a unique but diverse sound.


We specialize in vocal arranging; vocal dynamics; key selection; audio production; audio arrangement; songwriting development... etc.


We will listen to you perform the song(s) and give you reasonable feedback, to maximize the potential of your very valuable project, and future investment.


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We function as both a music school and professional recording studio, focusing primarily on artist development and management; working to expose creative individuals to the music industry, and prepare them to take on a professional role, through unconventional yet effective approaches.

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