EMS is a recording studio, located on the west end of
Kingston Ontario.


Our state-of-the-art facility produces quality, much comparable to industry standard requirement, with high-quality audio.


We offer Voice-overs, Audio-books, Demos, Singles/EPs/LPs, Commercial Audio, Vocal Drops, Video Production, along with mixing and mastering.


Although we specialize in Neosoul/Pop/R&B, we are highly competent and competitive, from an industry standard standpoint, in: Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Soul, Neo/Soul, R&B, Reggae, Country, Gospel, Christian contemporary, Soca, World beat etc!!


Our standard session price is $100.00 per hour; the size of your project, will also impact the price. We endeavor to aid in taking the artist/executive producer's eyes off the clock, so we can concentrate on putting in some work.



To confirm a booking a $100.00 deposit music be made, by one of the following methods:

Etransfer, to: live@elevationmusicstudio.com

By Online via major credit card: Here

or visit the studio @ 754 Grouse crescent.


No session will be booked, or confirmed, until payment is made, after such, 48 hours notice is required to cancel a booking; if there is compliance, 50% of deposit will be refunded. We fully understand that we may loose some business as a result of this new requirement; however, this will be a solid indicator that our clients are committed and serious about working with us.






AUDIO RECORDING IN KINGSTON ONTARIO Elevation Music Studio offers industry quality Audio at very affordable studio rates. We are extremely confident in our ability to take your idea and transform it into something epic. If you are interested in creating your full band demo,  a radio ad; demo; LP; EP; Voice-over, Audio Book or backing track for your project, look no further. We specialize in Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Soul, Neo/Soul, R&B, Reggae we are also very familiar and well versed in the areas of Jazz, Classical, Country, Blues. Given the opportunity, our team of artist will take your project to a whole new level. It doesn't stop there!! - EMS can also place your project, on the contingency that you own the rights to your music, on iTunes, X-box, Google Play, Amazon and most of the major on-line stores that retails music.  Do you want to get it right the first time? Call us to book a consultation now. 16135307565      TAKE MAXIMUM CONTROL OF YOUR RECORDING EXPERIENCE   QMix Ai App (Free in aps Store) Coming for a recording session? For your convenience, we have acquired the technology to gain you full control of your monitor (headphone) mix. Please download the free app by clicking on the link above.  Log into  the DLink, EMS-STUDIOLIVE, when you are ready to record,(Password: Elevated13 ) network and you are good to go. ElevationMusicStudiosee the difference, hear the difference.  STUDIO GEAR  (DAW) DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION PLATFORM:MAC DAW: We currently run a Digital Audio Workstation program called Studio One 3.2 Professional, created by Presonus, in conjunction with Presonus STUDIOLIVE RM32 AI with CS18 AI & Faderport v2 motorized fader, in the studio, and  Presonus AudioBox 44VSL  for portable engagements.  We also use Notion 4 notation software. Our system allows singers to have full control of their mix, via wifi, by downloading QMix-UC. The other fascinating detail, regarding our set up, is that singers can attain any custom setting, to ensure they are comfortable. This was extremely important, to Ryan Lewis, the owner and founder of EMS, who specializes in vocal production. "being a vocalist, for over 30 years, I know what my challenges were, and I was tenacious in my quest to acquire a system that would cater to the needs of singers., as well as musicians alike. Mixing Console:Studio Live RM32 AI Digital Performance & Recording Mixer & Studio Live 16.4.2 AI - in studio #2 STUDIOLIVE RM 32 AISTUDIOLIVE CS 18 AISTUDIOLIVE 16.4.2 AI Presonus monitor station V2 Studio Monitors:Presonus Eris E8,Eris E4.5 & Temblor 10 sub, Monitor Station:Presonus Monitor Station V2 Headphone Amp:Presonus HP2 Drum Machine Controller:Presonus Atom ControllerMPD18 Studio Microphones:NEUMANN TLM 103(2) CAD TRION 8000 multi-pattern tubeShURE SM 7B DynamicSHURE 55SH-IISHURE SM 57 BETA - KICK MICSENNHEISER E609 SilverART M6Instrument Mic: Sennheiser e609 Silver Drums: Pearl E Pro Live drum kitDrum Tools:Tune Bot Bass:Yamaha 5 String Ukulele:Gretsch concert electric Electric Guitar:Cort G SeriesGibson Les Paul TributeGretch  Acoustic Guitar:Martin DX1 Keyboard:Korg Triton Pro workstationKomplete Kontrol s49 Amplifiers Guitar Amplifier:Line 6 Amplifi 150Fender Mustang GT200 EFFECTS PROCESSORLine 6 Amplifi 100 Preamp:PRO MPA II dual channel tube microphone and instrument amplifier   Video: LIGHTING:  Cowboy Studio 3 point Lighting PAST ARTISTS guitar playersSTEVE PITICCODAVID BARTONLARRY CARRIEREMIKE KIDD keyboardistsSPENCER EVANSTIM BATHSANDRA JEFFS violinistDANIELLE LEONARDKELLI TROTTIERDANIELLE LENNON cellistJEFF HAMACHER bass playersJEREMY DAW drummersCURTIS WEEKESTRAVIS BLACKMORECURTIS LEEWORTHY singersLACHLYN HARVEYMARY VALLIERSHYLA SALMONSEAN BAINGERALD GABERIELSHANNON SMITHTIMOTHY GAUTHIERBRIELLE LEBLANCCLAIRE QUTEKATIE ORSERCHRISTINE OC'ONNORJASMINE WOBODITSCHSHADI TAGHAVICI CI MOYA'BUGGY' NHAKENTECLARE QUTEREBECA RODS -spainROB CARNEGIEJESSICA LAJOIEADRIAN KING A.K.A. ANGELICHEATHER BELL DEBBIE FREDERICKS rappersYUNG SAINTZPATRICK LAGUERRE A.KA. PROSPER GPMMARVIN WELSH A.K.A. MIRACLE CHILDDIRTY DOCDAN STEELSCAPE ARTISTCOLIN MORRISSTEPHEN KRASNACHRISTOPHER HARTWINT3R   STUDIO RECORDINGSTUDIO GEARPAST ARTISTS




Please contact us for a free consultation:


Phone: (613) 530-7565


Address: 754 Grouse Cres Kingston, ON


Email: live@elevationmusicstudio.com





We function as both a music school and professional recording studio, focusing primarily on artist development and management; working to expose creative individuals to the music industry, and prepare them to take on a professional role, through unconventional yet effective approaches.

Elevation Music Studio

754 Grouse Crescent, Kingston, ON


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